I interrupt your Australian Open viewing…

and mine… to bring you the news that due to an amazing 8 straight days of beautiful sunshine – I haven’t been huddled up indoors updating my promised ‘blog’.

This weather is unusual – as everyone tells me – last year was really cold – and in fact there is a troubling drought (Mallorca being an island with finite water resources) – and believe me I have had to rearrange my features into a ‘sad’ face to reflect my absolutely disingenuous ‘concern’ at the horror of constantly fabulous weather [we all know I’m really :) – oh like you wouldn’t be too!]

Toronto Women's Camera Club== > photography notes (may or may not be of interest)

Anyway – here’s an iPhone shot taken using a joby gorillapod (mini tripod) and using the slowshutter app – did not work hard for this – it’s right in front of my apartment. The slowshutter app is my absolute favourite for any shot involving moving water since it allows you to take long exposures during the day – giving the smooth water effect you see here. Personal preference of course.

2 cautions – it usually takes a lot of trial shots before you get it right. #1 because when it’s sunny it’s very hard to see the screen, and #2 you’ll need to fiddle with the amount of blur and the number of seconds to get the right combo to reflect the kind of shot your looking for. And sometimes you’ll still get home and discover you didn’t get it after all – or on the other hand you’ll discover a great shot you didn’t know you had. Thats’s how it goes . . . and I’ll challenge any photographer to tell you different.

puerto pollensa pinewalk beach