I like hike . . .

Archduke Trail Valldemossa and Port Valldemossa-5So blogging is already getting exhausting and I’m only four posts in. Have decided to shorten things up so here’s how last Wednesday went. [Having now finished the post I see it’s not that short. Well. I am what I am!]

Decided on a 14K loop hike – the ‘Archduke’s Passage’ from Valldemossa – a fairytale village if ever Valledemossa – iPhone shot taken when I stopped for a rest after climbing for about 90 secondsthere was one.

Missed the fact that the 1500 foot climb was apparently almost all in the first 2000 feet. Gasp. Wheeze. Burn. Had a few choice mental words with the Archduke.

Got to the ‘top’. Lost the trail. Wind howling. Clouds closing in. Panicked a bit. Rallied. Back on trail into the clouds. Started singing a cheery song to keep my spirits up as I was up there all alone and a teensy bit scared. And, of course, ran straight into a party of german hikers – who were sheltering from the wind and eating their lunch as I rounded the next big rock. I acted cool. Very cool.

Archduke Trail Valldemossa and Port Valldemossa-8
Yikes – clouds – that’s close enough thank you!

Archduke Trail Valldemossa and Port Valldemossa-6
The path to the peak (puig) – and beyond… thankfully one of the few times there was an actual path to follow.


Conditions improved. Precipitous drops appeared.

Can’t seem to really capture their dizzying effect – no matter how hard I try . . . I’ll keep at it!

Archduke Trail Valldemossa and Port Valldemossa-7






Reached the last peak – which was crowned by a little hut – apparently for goatherd smoke-breaks. Decided to take a celebratory selfie and then got that darn song stuck in my head all the way back down to Valldemossa.

Yes I was pretty pleased with myself - first 5 miles of this hike were flat out scary!
Yes I was pretty pleased with myself – first 5 miles of this hike were flat out scary!

3 cafe con leches later – and a local ‘bun’ of light but doughy chewy deliciousness – took the incredible hairpin road down to Port Valldemossa (on Mallorca coast there towns are set back in the hills while their ports are down on the water.)


Incredible sunset. Crashing waves. AND I had my big camera in the car. Not a soul down there but me. Oh yes – it was quite a day  :-)