Practising safety first in Mallorca . . .

cami vell del far
This is the spot where the goat-herders of yore apparently stopped for a ciggie. Considering it’s at the top of about an eleventy thousand feet climb pretty much straight up into the heavens – I would have to question their judgement. Not that I was gasping for breath or anything!

As a novice hiker, a woman soon to be out and about on my own on some pretty challenging terrain in the majestic hills of Mallorca – I had promises myself to take all the precautions needed to avoid ending up calling 911 (which is 112 in español) as per a previous unfortunate incident when following a 3 mile loop from the visitor’s centre in Tobermory. (Another story . . .)

Before arrival in Mallorca I dutifully forked out for a proper compass, safety whistle, first aid kit, swiss army knife and a crank charger gizmo for my phone. I now know that I needn’t have bothered! Imagine my surprise when I discovered that if you need help from another human being – then whether you be at the bottom of the dale or top of the hill – or hanging off a clifftop only inhabited by goats – all you have to do is to decide to make an alfresco pitstop.

Yup. That’s it. No need for GPS or flares. Just decide to ‘go’ and believe me the minute your knickers are at the proverbial half mast  – and you have assumed a wobbly ‘chair pose’ – I can personally guarantee that a veritable troop of hearty hikers will – to borrow a Wodehouse phrase – immediately heave into view and catch you in flagrante urinato! Not embarrassing at all – really . . .

In other less unfortunate news – if hiking here I would recommend never carrying any camera equipment if you intend to arrive at any destination more than 100 yards from your car. Otherwise, you will end up stopping to shoot every two seconds, as every vista that presents itself is more gorgeous than the next.

Ah! But of course – even if on a camera diet – there’s always the iPhone . . .

Too dangerous to take a selfie from where I was sitting to take this photo. Didn't want to become a Yahoo headline.
Too dangerous to take a selfie to show the spot where I was sitting to take this photo. Trying hard not to become an unfortunate headline.