toronto photography coaching: take your best shot!Client experiences

“I am so glad I found Nicole and was able to take her “iPhoneography” course.  The cost of the course was justified in the first half hour alone!  The next 7 hours were filled with useful – and doable! – tricks, tips and wonderfulness!”
~ Pam Allen, April 2016 iPhoneography workshop


Photo by K.S.

“Nicole has taken me from an amateur hobbyist to a technically proficient photographer. She has also taught me to look through camera lens and things differently. I look forward to my sessions with Nicole and I especially enjoy our field trips around Toronto”

 ~ KS, 2014/2015 Photography lessons

Photo by Alexandra Hale

“Nicole really knows how to teach!  She did a great job explaining concepts in a way that is easy to understand and remember.  I was able to use what i learnt immediately to start taking (and editing!) great photos that I would not have otherwise been able to take.  I appreciated that the course was very specific to taking photos with the iPhone as this is the only camera that I have and Nicole did a great job explaining the benefits and limitations of using an iPhone camera as compared to a conventional camera.

I was specifically interested in food photography and although this isn’t Nicole’s specialty, she went out of her way to research the topic in more depth and prepare “food subjects” for us to shoot and play around with in the course.  I truly enjoyed the course and was thoroughly impressed with what I was able to learn in such a short amount of time.”

 ~ Alexandra Hale, May 2015 iPhoneography workshop

Photo by Megan Beach
Pizza Party! by Megan Beach

“Thanks to my four class session I am confident using my camera without reverting to auto and am having a lot more fun taking pictures with it. The classes covered so much information and the follow up exercises and feedback really helped solidify the knowledge learned. I learned a ton of tips to take really great pictures of my girls and lots of other subjects.

Thanks again Nicole.”

 ~ Megan Beach, Feb/March 2015 (getting off auto on the Canon 7D Mark II)

“I am very happy I signed up for a session with Nicole, because now I am confident enough to not use the ‘green square’ option on the camera! I highly recommend at least one session with Nicole for anyone who just bought a DSLR and wants to make sure they are using the camera for at least its half potential. I thoroughly enjoyed my session and learned lots, and still more to learn. I feel I am ready to take beautiful pictures in Vancouver, thanks to Nicole!”

 ~ Arthy Sabapathy, May 2014 (getting off auto on the Canon Rebel, preparing for travel to Vancouver)

Thank-you. I really enjoyed our session. I’m going to read this recap each time I go out to take photos at least until it becomes second nature. My learning is repetition, repetition, repetition, and then for good measure, repetition.

And the happy thing is I can apply most of these tips immediately . . . Thanks! again.

 ~ Helen Hegedus, March 2014 (photography for specific work-related assignments)

Now I’m ready for my trip! Thanks for all the notes . . . ”

 ~ Diane Nannarone, March 2014 (conquered camera settings)

Marie Stauch photo (1 of 1)-2
‘Dinnertime’ by Marie

“Nicole, with a patient and kind-hearted spirit, guides you through your camera, giving you the confidence to produce the great pictures you have always wanted to produce.

Thank you Nicole.

 ~ Marie Stauch-Sweeny, (Client refresher), March 2014

“I’ll definitely want to continue our lessons, because I really enjoyed the experience! It was perfect for me and I’m really happy with everything I learned! Everything is so much easier to understand now! Thats amazing!”

~ Leticia Almeida (visiting from Brazil), October 2013 client reviews
Workshop photo of Nicole and Debbie Babington by Eleanor Stanlake

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a tremendously informative and enjoyable workshop on Saturday. I learned more in one day than I thought was possible!

I particularly liked the blend of theory and practical application. I think that approach will help me retain things better.

Thanks again for being such an attentive and encouraging teacher.”

~ Eleanor Stanlake, (All-in-a-day workshop), Toronto, April 2013

“I highly recommend Nicole Old’s photography courses. I have taken two courses and they have substantially improved my knowledge of photography from both the artistic and technical perspective.   Nicole has a great teaching style that makes it easy for the novice, she is encouraging, patient and very knowledgeable.   I like the hands on part of the course where we put into practice what we have learned and explore Toronto with our cameras.   Her courses have opened up a whole new world for me to explore.”

~ Debbie Babington, (All-in-a-day workshop), Toronto, April 2013

“Thanks SO much for the excellent instruction over the last 4 sessions. I have learned a lot and feel like I am only scratching the surface. You are a terrific teacher and have a flair for taking the intimidation out of these sophisticated devices.”

~ Stephanie Thompson, Toronto, January 2013 client reviews

“You have been a pleasure to be with for these photography sessions! I have learned so much about taking photos and about my camera. Awesomeness!”.

~ (photo by) Susan Abramson,, 2012 client reviews
“Thank you for your kindness and patience. I am so happy I finally understand my camera”.

~ (photo by) Laurie Di Frederico, Toronto 2012


“Nicole’s photography classes were very worthwhile and fun. I finally feel comfortable with my camera due to Nicole’s excellent communication skills”.

~ Barbara Copes, Toronto 2012

Genevieve sent me this photo after a single SLR camera session while she was vacationing in Toronto


“Thank you so much for that wonderful afternoon. It was my highlight in Toronto! Your explanations were short, clear and simple which makes it very ‘user friendly’ even when the lesson is over. I now know all the basic (and so crucial) information to take beautiful pictures and with a rapid set up. Your notes are in my camera bag everywhere I go! ”

~ (photo by) Genevieve Thierry, Quebec 2011 client reviews


“I was worried about finding the right birthday gift for my husband. Upon meeting Nicole my fears were put to rest. Her commitment to the challenge and warm and inviting personality had a magical effect on my 1 and three year old. These fabulous photos were the best gift my husband could have received! ”

~ Claire Blessing, Toronto 2011




“Thanks to Nicole I’ve finally mastered my point and shoot, and now, everyone wows at the picture I take and, best of all, they’re way better than my husband’s!”

~  Svea Einola, Toronto 2010/2011/2012

Photobooks make fantastic gifts but can be time-consuming. I can scan old photos, import digital photos and work with you to create a custom designed, completely personalized photobook that will touch the hearts of all who turn its pages.


“Nicole: how beautiful a book you created . . . You did wonderfully putting the pages together and I especially loved the faded black and white photographs used to introduce different chapters. It is a gorgeous production. I cannot thank you enough. You have enabled me to give  my family a very handsome collection of memories that is both uplifting and comforting. ”

~ Shane Dunworth Crompton, Toronto 2010/2011/2012



Slideshow of our one week camp in 2010 - as you can see we had a lot of fun! one week summer camp


“We all just wanted to thank you SO much for the incredible experience you gave us. The sheer amount of things we learned in the space of a week has left us all wondering what you could do in a month!”

~ Ali, Maud & Claire, Toronto 2010