Time to take your best shot – at my test!


Think you know your photography basics? If you do you should be able to rock these questions!
No matter what camera you own (link to quiz for SLR owners at the bottom of the page). If you are aiming for better-than-average shots, these answers should be – um – a snap!

If you ace this test you already know the basics so move on and have a crack at the fancy pants Advanced test instead.

If you are a little disappointed (and I apologize for the rather abrupt grading, the quiz program seems committed to brutal honesty!) – then head straight for my online registration page – because your photography skills could probably do with an upgrade. Remember:

  • Blurry photos aren’t ‘artsy’ – they’re missed opportunities.
  • Eyes are beautiful – not red.
  • Kids move fast – your camera has to move faster.
  • People as a general rule – do not have things growing out of their head.
  • On-camera flash is practically the work of the devil.

I can teach you how to avoid all these problems, now and forever (which incidentally is how long you’re going to go on taking photos.) What’s more it just takes one or two sessions, along with my complementary notes and some dedicated practice.

BEGIN! (and no googling!)pink_smiley_open_mouth

B A S I C S    T E S T  


What is the name of the opening in your lens that allows light to enter the camera.


As a general rule, where should you avoid placing the subject of any photograph?


When you press the preview button, to review your photos on your LCD screen (of when reviewing your photos on a smartphone) – what should you do to check your subject is in focus? (Check all that apply)


Tungsten or incandescent lighting (i.e. regular old light bulbs) cause what kind of colour cast in your photos?


What are the best times to shoot outdoors?

(check all that apply)


Which of the following can cause blurry photos (the bad kind of blur)?


What setting can change the colour cast in your photographs?


Why are travel photos of people/kids in front of landmarks, landscapes to be avoided? (Single answer)


Lines are very important in photography. What kind of lines are the most dynamic?


Of the following background distractions, which is the one your eye will land on first?